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Android 360 degree camera | How android 360 degree camera works

What is android 360 degree camera??

we all  know about cameras and digital cameras with which we can take images and record videos but what is 360 degree cameras and what this 360 degrees can do? 360-degree digital cameras can  capture the entire scene around you, allowing you to later immerse yourself in the environment just as if you were really there wow isn't it great to hear . 

One more good news about this 360 cameras there is a huge drop in the prices of this cameras, while their features have improved on every level. All modern 360-degree cameras have live view function that connects to your Android phone. Also Look some smartphones which are under 10000/- Rs

So you are connecting this 360 degree camera to your android phone so thus it is called as android 360 degree camera  so now you will have a perfect shot and a total wide 360 natural capture whether it may be a image or a video.Usually the software which comes with 360 degree camera installs in your android mobile or you need to install a app which connects your android mobile with 360 degree camera.

About Samsung 360 Degree camera:

android 360 degree camera is one that gadget which surprises because its a modern technology in cameras gives a wide 360 angle view almost like a Human eye one such is android 360 degree camera of Samsung's latest 360-degree camera which is  smaller in size, thinner, and lighter than it's predecessor, and one more important point to consider here is this android 360 degree camera is  cheaper and faster. Easy to use, making it possible for you to either quickly snap a photo with friends while holding it or remotely access the camera from an app loaded up with advanced features for capturing the best image. Its cost is something like $ 190 (approax).

Some highlights of This Samsung 360 Degree Camera:

  • This camera consists of 15 MP spheres and
  •  capable of 4k video capturing at 30 framers/second
  • you can stick it on any surface.
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