Facebook is Testing with Marketplace Ads


Facebook is Testing with Marketplace Ads:

Facebook is now testing ads in most of the places where there are chances to display ads better and said about the marketplace ads.Facebook is becoming very good day by day and that too those ads are cost effective and well targeted at finding new places for ads. And it’s constantly testing new things to better give the marketers to increase their business. 

Facebook is going to continue to expand its ads offering in order to give its advertisers the most value for their investment that is normal in any advertising agency, and to provide users with the best possible ads experience not to just like a spamming ads where disturbing the user ease of using Facebook i.e more targeted ads. Facebook‘s latest ad placement is Marketplace – a tab on the platform where users can buy and sell things. Also See Intex Aqua Selfie Price In India.

where this Marketplace Ads are tested?

  • They said about where these market are being tested on a few people in US,allowing advertisers to place ads within Marketplace free of charge this may be for temporary period of time if everything goes well and advertisers experience some return of business through this marketplace ads,this idea goes on.
  •  In fact, at the moment Facebook’s just treating Marketplace ads as News Feed ads in a different place not giving an impression like a ad posting or something like that. It’s also not even clear if, or when, Facebook might launch them properly. As Michelle Bonner Techel, product marketing manager at Facebook explained. See How you can Extend your Android Battery Life.

"We are starting a small test that shows ads to a small percentage of people using Marketplace in the U.S. and will evaluate the response before determining how we move forward,"

Marketplace might not be a huge success yet till now, but the Facebok seems to think highly enough of it to add adds to it. On the other hand, Facebook makes most of its revenue from ads, and since it’s running out of ad space on News Feed, it seems desperate to find other places to show its ads – among them, Messenger of course.

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