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Latest Updated WhatsApp Features That no one Knew

Latest Updated WhatsApp Features That no one Knew: 

WhatsApp is the very famous messaging communication app in the world, it is nearly used to 1.2 billion people in worldwide and 200 million of people from our India. the Facebook-owned company releasing new features very week to give competition to WhatsApp. In 2017 we  saw the overhauled WhatsApp Status (an aping of Snapchat), and also  small updates but we didnt get more attention on updates.

1.New WhatsApp status feature just like snap-chat:

 One of the famous update from this year is the new Status feature applicable to all users globally in February.The WhatsApp status new feature updated with old text status format to new status format which is put our status  with media like photos and videos, and these disable with in 24 hours.

2.Number of media sharing increses 10 to 30:

All users are sharing pictures and videos but Intially WhatsApp is shared media limit is 10, but now it changed with 30.

3. Recall or Revoke already send messages:

This feature is not available in present  version, but it will be available soon. It’s important on chat app to recall messages,the feature in the many various forms like it would be allow to users recall or unsend messages they have been send to contacts or edit them.The feature available for iPhone beta version and also WhatsApp web version.

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4. Two-step verification process:

This feature was come  out in February to all users as an optional security feature.By this feature users are now able to verify their number when they install the app on a new device with  more securely. Users will have to provide thier  a six-digit passcode which is send thier  registering their phone number with WhatsApp again – or any attempt to verify their phone number through the app.

5.Now We can Send all Type of Files:

By using this feature will able to  allow you to share video in a different of formats, MP3 songs, or even APK files for that matter on WhatsApp. The file sharing limit 128MB on iOS, 64MB on Web, and 100MB on Android.

6. Ability to queue messages on iPhone:

This feature available to iPhone users finally in January.we are able to queue messages even when poor or no connectivity this feature is not  there in  iPhone users. Now, all users can just send a WhatsApp message to a group/individual even when connectivity is unavailable, and the message will be sent automatically once they get connectivity again.

7. Get back of Text Status:

The old status text format for a huge response from  the users, and the feature was then brought back on popular demand. The feature is now available for iPhone and Android users both.

8. Photo Bundling, Video Streaming, Photo Filter Features:

WhatsApp introduced some important features for  media sharing. This includes photo bundling into an album, video streaming, and photo filters. The Photo Bundling feature for sending photos and videos to our contacts like alums.  The feature is already available for iPhone users and is in beta for Android users.

The video streaming feature only available from Androids now its introduced in iphone. This feature allows its users to watch shared videos while they’re being downloaded in the background.

WhatsApp photos filters features ability to add colour filters to the media that you send in chats for iPhone users. Head to WhatsApp, go to the individual or group chat that you want to send the media to, capture or select a photo, video, or GIF, and swipe up.

9. Night Mode, Quick Reply button:

WhatsApp recently introduced a new night mode feature for IPHONE its camera for low-light photography. Interestingly, the Night Mode icon appears by default only when the camera sensor detects low-light conditions, and not otherwise.

Another iPhone-only feature was the Quick Reply feature that allowed users to reply to an individual just by swiping right on a specific text in chats. This reply shortcut is particularly useful in group chats where you speak to multiple users at once.

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