Which one is the highest rate of data transfer


which one is the highest rate of data transfer?

Before get to know about which one is the highest rate of data transfer first of all we need to know about DTR(Data Transfer Rate).  So DTR is the amount of digital data which is in the form of zeros and ones (ex : 11001010) that is moved from one place(this may be a computer.mobile any electronic device) to another in a given time.

How Data Transfer is Noted 

 The data transfer rate can be viewed as the speed of travel of a given amount of data from one place to another. So what will be the effecting  factors general that have impact on high data transfer rate so we are now concerned about which one is the highest rate of data transfer, the greater the bandwidth will be  of a given path, the higher the data transfer rate we can expect.

In telecommunications industry, data transfer is usually measured in bits per second we would have seen some providers stating that 1 MPBS and upto 1 GBPS which is announced by BSNL for Broadband Services. For example, a typical low-speed connection to the Internet may be some what  like 33.6 Kbps which is not even in MBPS so it is considered as Low transfer rate connection if you want to upload or Download the transfer rates will be very very low. On Ethernet local area networks, data transfer can be as fast as 10 megabits per second because those are a dedicated networks with in a range. Network switches which may be considered one of the highest transfer rate equipment  are planned that will transfer data in the terabit range.  What is Android Nougat ?

The highest rate of data transfer?(Approx Data)

There is a  record  fastest ever data transmission rate between a single transmitter and receiver has happened and been set by researchers in the UK, there they  achieved a rate of 1.125 terabits per second using an optical communications system which can be considered a highest rate of data transfer if we compare this data transfer rate this is almost 50,000 (A huge number)times greater than the average speed of a UK broadband services over there in the country is of 24  MBPS.To Imaging a example download whether it be a full Blue Ray Movie with High data volume say for 15 GB that can be downloaded within 1 second."

Most this is used in cars

MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) this is one of the best data transfer protocol technology and we will have a look over this why MOST considered the High Transfer Data Rate Channel.MOST is a high-speed multimedia network technology optimised by the automotive industry.

 The serial MOST bus (which carries and transfer data acts as a medium)uses a daisy-chain topology or ring topology and synchronous data communication to transport audio(which will be transferred in digital data), video, voice and data signals via plastic optical fiber for example POF or electrical conductor like MOST 50 or MOST150 physical layers.

And it changes over time because technology is advancing day by day so,the highest transfer rate changes over time with new technology inventions.

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