Google Pixel 2 Release Date,Price


Google Pixel 2 Release Date,Price :

The most Awaited smartphone list from Google came to Google Pixel 2 as it is nearing the release date very soon so many are curious about when would this pixel 2 mobile would hit the mobile markets, in the previous year Google came up with Google pixel and pixel XL which got a huge success in the market Now its turn to tease with Google Pixel 2.So we look at what would be release date of Google Pixel 2 Mobile and Price of Google Pixel 2. Look at android Nougat Features.

Expected Release Date of Google pixel 2:

As of now there is no official announcement from Google side about the launch date of the Google Pixel 2 but it mostly expected in mid of October 2017,as Google is continuously updating its feature talks on Google pixel series mobiles there is a huge craze for this mobile series as the predecessors are hit.

Expected Price of Google Pixel 2:

if we observe the predecessors  of this series Google Pixel Xl Very Silver, price is nearly somewhat variable at $769 and $869 for the 32 GB and 128 GB models, respectively .Definitely  the successor Pixel XL 2, will surely comes with a improved features some what like its taller build,when we compare display the coming mobile will probably have larger display, and squeezable frame, it's quite a departure from the Pixel XL,so the launch price of Google Pixel 2 model mobiles may have a little up prices and this is absolutely depends upon the Company  there is no confirmed news about the specific price tag yet.So prediction prices as if we think for added features to successor mobiles i.e Google Pixel 2 may be with in the range of $ 820 and $ 850 and this is absolutely a rough prediction no source from official brand.And read about Nokia 6 Mobile price and specifications and if you are curious about release date of iphone 8 read here.

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