GST Rate Finder App For to Better Know Tax Details Of GST


GST Rate Finder App Released In The Google Play Store:

Hey all I think are who are the eligible to pax the tax are concerned about the GST which came into existing from July 1st 2017 in India the new tax system Good and Services Tax gave a lot of questions regardging how much to pay and how will be the tax returns and what percentage will this goods or services comes under yes there are hundreds of questions will rise with the new tax system GST in India.

So as a solution to make these question to answer there is a app released in the Google Play store called GST Rate Finder App which is from the publisher Central Board of Excise And Customs (CBEC) so you can find the App in the Google play store just you need to search as GST Rate Finder in play store like this...  Here are List of Latest Smartphones which are under 10000/- Rs

This tax system is applicable for all over the country so there will be a minimum need to searching this app and getting used to GST tax system better so that every one will come to know How GST taxes are applicable on the respective goods and services.  

Highlight Points of GST Rate Finder App:

  • As we seen the publisher is CBEC and it is from the Central Government 
  • You can Know which Goods comes under which Slab of Tax percentage
  • How much you need to pay tax for a particular goods or services.

You may get this app @ GST Rate Finder  Android App.

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