How can I extend My Battery Life | How to Increase Battery Life


How can I extend My Battery Life ?

Having a Latest Smartphone in your Hand and still considering how can i extend my battery life ?then here are  few key points to consider in order to have a extended battery life for your  mobile and read the full article about how to increase your android battery life and have most of your uncharged time.

If your Concern is to Save your Android Battery Life Then Try this

  • See what's is most using your Android battery if you observe under your phone settings you can find battery analytics which will show you what is sucking your most of the battery.
  • Turn unnecessary hardware radios off to extend your battery life.
  • check if you have a extra power saving mode in your android mobile this may be limited to your android OS version probably Android Marsh Mallow Mobiles will have this extra power saving mode option where the operating system handles to save your battery by turning off wifi,hotspot,adjusting display optimal settings etc.
  • The Apps which have more services running will use more battery so
  • if you check how apps are running in Android you can observe some thing like 0 services ,1 service running the more services its running the more battery it uses.

In the Above key points discussed we have mentioned Extra power saving  battery saver option to on:
When battery saver is on, the top and bottom of your screen turn orange.This is like a indication that your Android mobile is running Power saving mode. And this is mostly available in Higher OS version you may read Android Nougat Features Here.

  • Can’t use Google Maps Navigation
  • Limits vibration
  • Limits location services
  • Limits  most background data
  • May not update email, messaging, and other apps that sync, until you open them

Key points to Keep in mind to Maintain A Good Battery Life:

  • Use the power adapter which came along with your mobile.We tend to charge with other mobile adapter which fit to our mobile charging Socket which is not at all good.
  • Battery Life will be good if your Mobile escapes from over heat conditions so Always keep your mobile cool.Your Android battery will drain much faster when it's hot(when the mobile gets heated up), even if you're not using it. 
  • Charge your Mobile Only when it is Needed:
  • Your Mobile Charging should be something like full to zero charge, or from zero to full charge.Because battery it self is  a charge and discharge mechanism so you should fil it up with charging and you wait untill it discharges and dont keep uncharged untill it gets Switch Off(Zero Battery).

Display Settings are Key:

1)Make Screen turn off Quicker
A shorter Display screen off time is better because when you are not using your mobile its better to get in sleep mode quickly.
2)Check with your Screen Brightness.If it is Too high your battery power usage will be more.have a optimal and required screen brightness.
3)Turn off Live Wall Papers to Extend Battery Life : if you are facing a quick android battery drain you need to check if any live wallpaper is running on your screen as most of the live wallpapers use a lot of battery you may go for another normal wallpaper.

Other Areas to Check to have a extended Battery Life:

  • You can save or extend your  battery life by turning off your device's keyboard sound and vibration if you feel your battery is draining otherwise its ok to keep them on.
  • Delete unused Accounts for example if you Have 5 google Accounts in your Android Mobile all these 5 Google Gmail apps tries to sync so this is will use a lot of battery so Minimise accounts if you consider battery
  • Check Location Services,Blue tooth,Camera Usage all these Uses More Battery Power and did know the latest whatsapp features tips and tricks?

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