Iphone 8 Release Date | When will Be Iphone 8 Release Date and Features of Iphone 8


When will Be Iphone 8 Release Date and Features of Iphone 8:

The most awaited Iphone 8 is coming  into stores and to buy we are curious to know the release date if iPhone 8.So Iphone 8 release date is not officially announced by the apple company but there are lot of rumours running in the internet about the release date of Iphone 8 and one such rumour regarding Iphone 8 Release date is it may come in october of 2017. And Here are best smartphones which are under 10000/-Rs

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And the awesome feature of Iphone 8 would be 3D face scanning technology in place of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. while the iOS 11 beta is hinting at an iPhone 8 AR future(Augmented reality), and a hidden sound file points to wireless charging which is a awesome thing to hear.

The iPhone 8 is set to be one of the biggest overhauls of Apple's handset in the recent releases, as the tenth anniversary of this technology-defining smartphone rolls around.

Still the next phone from Apple would name it as Iphone 8 as a succesor to Iphone 7 but the company may come up with a name change some what like iPhone X and iPhone Edition. And the Apple lovers are too curious about iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus refresh that's still said to be on the way.

Expected Key highlights Points Regarding Iphone 8:

1)Apple is celebrating the iPhone's 10th anniversary
2)Wireless Charger May include in this Mobile.
3)May Include Very Big AMOLED edge-to-edge display which will spread across the entire front of the phone.
4)Super Fast Processor
5)iPhone 8 AR future
6)iOs 11 may include.
7)3D face scanning technology

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Iphone 8 release date hottest spreading rumours about the release are most as  September 2017 launch for iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Slightly later October 2017 date for the all-screen iPhone 8 and one absolute thing to consider here is that this news about the Iphone 8 release date is not from official Apple company or from their website so we need to still wait for the confirmation regarding the Exact release Date of  Iphone 8.

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