What Will Be Exicting Highlights of Android Nougat OS | VR,Smater Battery and More


The New Features Of Android Nougat OS:

For those your eagerly waiting for Android Nougat OS here of few highlights and added advantages in the coming ways, each very new features of Android Nougat OS are discussed below

Key points of Android Nougat OS:

  • Multi Local language settings
  • Fast REboot OS
  • Multi-window view and switch between  two apps
  • VR in Android Nougat
  • Smarter  Battery
  • Faster and smater by the OS it self Settings
  • Direct  Notification Reply
  • Bundled notifications Control
  • Smater data usage settings
  • Quik notification viwer 
  • Smart display Locks
  • Seamless Updates
  • Data Saver
  • Security is the very robest in Android Nougat OS


Detailed Highlights Of Android Nougat OS:

1.Multi Local language settings
This OS can speak our languages and you can use two or more languages at a time

2.Multi-window view and switch between  two apps
Now you can switch between apps with by double tap, run these apps side by side So you can wtach movies one side and send messages on one side.

3.Experience Android in a new dimension
Vulkan™ API is a game changer with high-performance 3D graphics. On supported devices, see apps spring to life with sharper graphics and eye-candy effects.

4.VR in Android Nougat
VR(Virtual Reality) is the another highlight in Android Nougat OS so user can enjoy high quality virtual reality there will be VR mode optiion in this OS.you may also read New WhatsApp Features

5. Smarter  Battery
There is lot of concern regarding the battery life of Android devices so here comes the best solution in the form of Doze in Android Nougat OS which become key highlight of this OS,actually Doze helps to save your battery power when your in the GO.

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6.Direct  Notification Reply
You can directly replay to a notification are a message received ,for example it  may be a whatsapp message without opening the app thus making the task  very quick and easy

7.Bundled notifications Control
If there are more number of notifications at a time you can expand a particular notification right it self on the home screen without entering into the app


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8.Data Saver
From now on in the Android Nougat os the Background apps wont be able to access your phone data
9.Display size
We can increase and decrease the size of the app icons

10.Security is the very robest in Android Nougat OS
There is more security protection in the Android Nougat OS, like file based encryption also there.
11.Direct Boot
The rebooting time of this OS is very very Quick and it takes very less time

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